Unived Launches Elite Endurance Fuel - World's First

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Elite Line of Endurance Fuel co-developed with Elite Trail Runner Hayden Hawks.

The Elite product line features our new Elite Gel which offers a 2:1 ratio of simple to complex carbohydrates and packs 190kcal per packet, Elite Drink Mix which also offers a 2:1 ratio of simple to complex carbohydrates delivering 190kcal per packet, and the Elite Recovery Mix which offers a 4:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio making it suitable for optimal recovery.

Elite athlete Hayden Hawks has been instrumental in the product development process, testing the first prototypes back in 2017. Here is what he had to say "I have been working with Unived since 2018 as an elite ultra-trail mountain runner. We developed the 2:1 formulation in early 2018, and I have been testing it seince then across various conditions on both roads & trails. I have used the Elite line of products to win numerous races around the world, and after a thorough R&D process the products are now ready to help fuel your running and athletic goals" Hayden Hawks.

Unived Elite Endurance Fuel



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