Unived Elite Endurance Fuel

We are pleased to launch the Unived Elite Endurance Fuel line of products. This new line has been formulated over two years of extensive research and trials, and consists of Elite Gels, Elite Drink Mix, and an Elite Recovery Mix.

The products have been co-developed with the Unived Elite athletes, and co-branded with World Champion Camille Herron and Elite Trail Runner Hayden Hawks.


In 2017 we began toying with the idea of creating a new gel & drink mix, with the desire to maximize CHO absorption, and thereby deliver maximum hourly caloric intake. Another objective was to reduce potential GI distress which can be caused by continuous nutrition intake paired with excessive physiological stress - both of which occur during long training sessions and long grueling races.

Our research showed us that while we can consume any amount of carbohydrates in an hour, we can only oxidize and absorb a very specific amount. Usually, when we consume more than we can oxidize, we create a bottleneck in the gut, and this sets off a chain of unpleasant experiences, some of which manifest in the form of GI distress, stomach and abdominal pain, and result in athletes vomiting, slowing down, or dropping out due to severe discomfort.

Glucose, is oxidized via the SGLT1 pathway at a rate of 1g/minute, resulting in 60g/hour. Fructose, is oxidized via a completely different pathway, GLUT5. When we combine these multiple transportable carbohydrates in a 2:1 ratio, the total rate of ingested carbohydrate can exceed 1.5g/minute or 90g/hour[1]. This is possible because the carbohydrates are oxidized via non-competing pathways.

This is the underlying concept behind the new Unived Elite Gel & Elite Drink Mix, our carefully balanced and scientifically backed 2:1 ratio of simple to complex carbohydrates, delivering multiple transportable carbohydrates in an optimal ratio for maximum caloric intake.

The 2:1 ratio ensures a happy gut as it reduces abdominal cramps and improves gastrointestinal distress, due to a faster intestinal absorption of carbohydrates, and increases intestinal water absorption by 65% as compared with glucose alone[2]. 


The Unived Elite Gel & Elite Drink Mix each contain 30g simple + 15g complex carbohydrates, per packet. The reason to go with 30+15 in both products, is to give you the freedom to consume either two Elite Gels, two Elite Drink Mix's, or one Elite Gel + one Elite Drink Mix, per hour, and still get the maximum hourly carbohydrate intake totaling to 90g carbohydrates and 380kcal, per hour.

Please note, 90g carbohydrates deliver 90*4 = 320kcal, and the remaining ingredients in the formulation contribute 60kcal, hence we achieve 380kcal per packet.

In addition, we’ve included Beta-Alanine which helps improve performance by buffering the acidity in active muscles during high-intensity exercise [[4], [5], [6]], Sodium Bicarbonate which delays the onset of fatigue by buffering the hydrogen ions produced by lactic acid build-up, and all the essential Electrolytes to aid rehydration.

Endurance activities are always challenging and as the hours roll on, our body begins to respond to ongoing stress, external conditions, and various internal reactions, often leading our pallet and stomach to frequently change their flavour and substrate requirements.

Now, with the choice of a gel or a drink mix, various flavours, non-caffeine and different caffeinated options, you have the ability to plan your hourly caloric and caffeine intake in a manner that ensures optimal peak performance.

Unived Elite Drink Mix & Elite Gel

For complete nutritional information of each product visit the following links:

Unived Elite Gel

Unived Elite Drink Mix


We strongly feel that this new combination gives you complete freedom. It takes math out of the equation as all we now need to focus on is consumption of two units, per hour. A unit being an Elite Gel, or Elite Drink Mix. When temperatures are hot, you may find yourself drinking a bit more, and when temperatures are cooler, you may find yourself leaning towards more concentrated forms of energy, like the gel.

Some equations for you to consider below, based on hourly intake:

  • 1 Regular Gel = 110kcal
  • 1 Elite Gel = 190kcal
  • 1 Elite Drink Mix = 190kcal
  • 2 Regular Gels = 220kcal
  • 1 Elite Gel + 1 Regular Gel = 300kcal
  • 1 Elite Drink Mix + 1 Regular Gel = 300kcal
  • 2 Elite Gels = 380kcal
  • 2 Elite Drink Mixes = 380kcal
  • 1 Elite Gel + 1 Elite Drink Mix = 380kcal

Unived Endurance Fuel CombinationsThe Elite Gel or Elite Drink Mix, can also be used in combination with a regular Unived Gel. For example, one Elite Gel + one Regular Gel will give you 190+110 = 300kcal, delivering a total of 56g of simple carbs and 15g of complex carbs. Since 60g simple carb is the maximum we can absorb per hour, this combination delivering 56g helps us stay within limit. This combination tilts the ratio by increasing the total simple carbohydrates to total complex carbohydrates (meaning, it is no longer a 2:1 ratio) and gives you an edge with a spike in energy levels.


The variants for the Elite Gel & Elite Drink Mix are:

Elite Gel

  1. Unived Elite Gel - Double Espresso – 100mg Caffeine
  2. Unived Elite Gel – Choco Fudge – 50mg Caffeine (Hayden Hawks)
  3. Unived Elite Gel – Vanilla Sea Salt (Camille Herron)
  4. Unived Elite Gel – Berry Blast
  5. Unived Elite Gel - Melon Sea Salt
  6. Unived Elite Gel - Mandarin Orange

Click here to see all the Unived Elite Gels

Elite Drink Mix

  1. Unived Elite Drink Mix – Very Cranberry – 35mg Caffeine
  2. Unived Elite Drink Mix – Wild Watermelon – 35mg Caffeine (Hayden Hawks)
  3. Unived Elite Drink Mix – Orange Twist (Camille Herron)

Click here to see all the Unived Elite Drink Mix's

An important note on the new Elite Drink Mix:

  • The new Elite Drink Mix is versatile and can be used as both a Pre & a During. For those of you who were accustomed to our previous RRUNN Pre and RRUNN During, you can still get those results with just this one product.
  • For an isotonic solution, you want to mix one packet in 20-27oz (600-800ml) water, with 750ml of water being ‘optimal’. An isotonic solution has the same osmolarity as water, and is ideal to ensure fluid and salt uptake. This is ideal to consume during your runs.
  • For a hypertonic solution, you want to mix one packet with 17oz (500ml) water. A hypertonic solution has greater osmotic pressure than bodily fluids and is primarily intended to supply energy, like our RRUNN Pre. It’s ideal to consume this as a PRE, 30 minutes before your long runs or races.
  • If you consume a hypertonic solution during your races, you may feel the solution to be slightly heavy, in case you find it so, just add a little extra water to the bottle and it’ll tilt the solution to being isotonic.

Unived Elite Recovery Mix

The RRUNN Post Recovery Mix has been arguably a lifesaver for a lot of our customers, a staple post long runs and hard workouts. While we were working on the Elite project, we decided to reformulate and upgrade our RRUNN Post Recovery Mix, and included it in the Elite series.

Unived Recovery Mix Old Vs New

We have maintained the same clinically proven 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein, and have improved the formulation by adding plant-based Vitamin D3, plant-based Vitamin K2-7, switching to a marine water source of magnesium, and upgrading to organic pea protein.

The 4:1 ratio of carbohydrate:protein is proven to replenish lost glycogen stores and prevent delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS).

KSM-66 is the World’s purest Ashwagandha delivering a whopping 5% Withanoloid content, and is proven to deliver a 98.9% reduction in post exercise build up of serum creatine kinase levels indicating less degree of muscle damage. Thus, helping athletes recover faster. Athletes have also observed increased cardiorespiratory endurance, improved max resistance load and muscle recovery.

Curcumin works as a great anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, reducing inflammation and assisting recovery.

Plant-based Vitamins D3 & K2-7 help with bone health, neuromuscular and cardiorespiratory fitness, among various other key benefits.

We’ve included all the essential electrolytes to ensure re-hydration and complete replenishment.

Each serving of the Unived Elite Recovery Mix is 220kcal, and we strongly recommend consuming this within 20min of finishing your long and hard workouts, and also every 4-5 hours into an ultra-marathon race.

The Unived Elite Recovery Mix is available in two flavours:

Unived Elite Recovery Mix New FlavoursReferences:

[1] LOUISE M. BURKE1, JOHN A. HAWLEY2, STEPHEN H. S. WONG3, & ASKER E. JEUKENDRUP4. Carbohydrates for training and competition. Journal of Sports Sciences, 2011; 29(S1): S17–S27

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