Our History

  • 2010

    The Beginning

    I returned to India and founded Unived in September, I was 27. The idea was to build a core team of ‘inexperienced’ but ‘intelligent & dedicated’ folk – the first three to join were fresh out of college at 23, 23 & 21 years of age. The adventure had begun!

  • 2011

    Free Falling

    With no prior ‘experience’ in this domain, the learning curve was steep, I had jumped off a cliff, without a parachute, and I was falling head first ~ what a ride!

  • 2012


    After a lot of hustle, we gave birth to 5 beautiful products around mid-year. These babies were very cranky, and it was going to take a lot of effort to keep them healthy!

  • 2013


    We had product, but we didn’t know how to sell. We went through our fair share of ‘experienced marketing gurus’ who offered their expertise, at a price. We did learn, did move, but what really kept me moving was the excitement in R&D – we were working on a lot of cool stuff and I knew it would bear fruit some day!

  • 2014


    Hello athletes, we’re here!! The RRUNN System of Pre-During-Post was introduced as a first for India. The running bug had caught on, India was running, and we were running after runners to educate them on our new & exciting products.

  • 2015

    Gooey fun

    The word was out that Unived was the new kid on the block and everyone was screaming for endurance gels from their rooftops! No Indian company had ever launched this product, and as we found out, no Indian packaging company had ever made gel packaging. The short version – we camp hoped between R&D and our packaging guys factory, and many crazy hours later, launched the RRUNN Endurance Gels. Water based, Vegan, and a unique formulation that offers a cutting edge to performance athletes.

  • 2016

    Hustle Hustle

    We were in the mix of it all – customer complaints, logistics issues, new product launches, event partnerships, production planning, sourcing different ingredients, looking for a larger factory space to move in to, and beginning a migration to ERP for better management. Crunch!

  • 2017

    New Wave

    We moved into a new production that offered 3x the space. We invested in a lot of new machinery, started working on international relations, introduced another wave of really cool products, learned how to deal with an increase in sales – which led to an increase in production – which meant better planning & sourcing, grew our team to over 30 (scary), established legal presence in USA (also scary), and set ourselves up for an exciting 2018!

  • 2018

    Land of Opportunity

    We begin the year by launching our products in USA through a digital presence. Excited to watch the year unfold.