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The Unived Story

I ran away from school on the first day of 1st grade. I was 5. My parents braced themselves to foster the growth of a child who had started out as a rebel. A rebel indeed, I was. I stood up against most of my teachers, always told my parents that education was a waste of time, and instead spent hours every day at the gymnasium and reading about healthy foods.

My parents supported my healthy habits, but had all but given up on educating me. They had a son who had switched 2 schools, 2 colleges, dropped out of a university, and had no defined career path ahead of him.

As I look back, I’ll say that I’ve been lucky enough to live in three countries, and hold degrees from institutions in each. I am close to completing my Doctorate, and part of me will admit that they’ve done the right thing in pushing me through the ropes; however, part of me strongly argues that real education is outside the classroom. I guess I’ve been fortunate enough to experience both.

My health goals, however, never changed. And now that I had all this MBA jargon stuck in my head, I just had to do something with it. So, like all adventure seekers I turned my back on corporate life in the USA, moved back to Bombay, and two days later, started Unived.

Unived sprouted as a culmination of my innermost beliefs, my life’s experiences, and my earnest desire to offer the purest, most natural, vegan health products of the finest quality. Our foundation is built around two integral principals, never compromise on quality – ever; and be completely transparent with our stakeholders – you.

What may have germinated in my mind has only taken shape because of the people who are part of Unived. It was a conscious decision to build the company with youth and that decision has proven to be invaluable; we are blessed with a fantastic team of bright young minds, some of the finest in this country, and I am proud that as we grow each of them is positively contributing towards the personality of this company.

Those who joined during the early days, are the founding pillars and leaders at Unived, and have set a high standard of work ethics, values, and basic human principals that are ever-present in the organization. They are an immense source of inspiration and their leadership has been instrumental to our growth.

At Unived, we are all one family, and the greatest source of joy, to us, is the all the sleepless nights and endless days of struggle, hard work, and passion, that we have and continue to pour into the organization, is someone’s joint pain disappearing, someone’s cholesterol reducing, someone’s health improving, someone racing faster, someone recovering quicker – we are changing people’s lives, for the better – we draw a lot of inspiration from this, and remain thankful to be given such an opportunity to serve mankind.

Unived would not be what it is, without the unconditional support of a few people. You know who you are and thanks for being who you are.

Welcome to Unived, where you will always find all natural, all vegan, healthy products of the highest quality & integrity, that are inspired by nature and based on research.

Thank you very much.The Unived story

Best Regards,

Amit Mehta
Founder & CEO

Between 2016-2017, we started getting a lot of attention from athletes across USA & Europe. People were talking about our products, our research, and our clean approach.

Things happened in 2017, and we were drawn towards USA. January 2018, sees the launch of our dedicated USA website.

PS: The journey from 2010-2017 has been a real rollercoaster. We started as an unknown, and crawled our way to be known as pioneers in India with vegan, plant-based, nutrition for performance & endurance athletes. We ‘created’ the ‘endurance nutrition’ space in India, and have launched, through original R&D, many products as firsts for the country.

We look forward to beginning our journey in the United States of America!