Why Us

Our promise

At Unived, we promise to offer you innovative, quality, vegan healthcare products that are inspired by nature and based on research, and are manufactured by us, in our 100% vegan facility.



Honesty is one of the values that Unived is built on. We started in 2010 with an honest attempt to create a trustworthy brand – and now, we are making an honest attempt to keep it that way. So, be assured of our offerings, as we take our promises seriously.



You are the reason why we work the way we do. We understand the importance of health in your life. Health is the best investment you will ever make, and it is our responsibility to safeguard your investments and ensure that they repay tenfold. So, we have designed a unique customer loyalty program that repays you with each health product you purchase.



Tablets can sometimes get monotonous. Health should be happiness and fun. So, we have designed some unique delivery modes that ensure your daily consumption of health comes through enjoyable means. Read about our health teas, health soups, orange DHA drops, protein enriched butter, health masala – and discover a whole new approach to daily health.



We don’t believe in compromises, and neither should you. We use only the highest quality of natural ingredients in each of our products. We have a stringent quality control process which ensures that each production batch is standardized to the therapeutic dosage required, and produced under the strictest safety measures necessary.



They say ‘when vegetarians grow up, they turn vegan’ – we are proud that we started vegan. We love animals, we respect them, and we leave them where they should be – in nature, free from testing laboratories and slaughter houses. All our products are 100% vegan, and we are proud to be registered by the Vegan Society – UK, as well as certified by PETA India.



Our products are made in wonderfully small batches with extreme care and detail. Since we don’t like nonsense, we have kept our products free of unnecessary ingredients that act as fillers. Instead, they are full of standardized natural ingredients which means ‘wholesome goodness’ – oh yeah!


Inspired by nature

Everyone needs a source of inspiration in life, Unived draws it’s from nature. Our formulations are based on natural phytochemical architectures that have immense medicinal and therapeutic properties.


Based on research

Unived was founded in 2010 and our first product was released for sale in 2012. That says a lot – we are not slow, we are just sure. On average it takes us a little over a year to complete a product release. In that year, our R&D team works tirelessly to ensure we don’t overlook even the smallest of details – thereby ensuring you get a superior natural dietary supplement with maximum bio-availability and bio-efficacy.