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Unived 's B12+D3 is a daily supplement for those looking to maintain their vitamin B12 & D3 levels.

Key Benefits: 

  • Vitamin B12 supports nerve function & cognitive health.*
  • Vitamin B12 & Folate fight anemia & help in the production of healthy blood cells and DNA.*
  • Vitamin B12 helps regulate mood and reduces fatigue.*
  • Vitamin D3 supports bone health and various bodily functions.*
  • Vitamin D3 helps support bone health, immune health, and muscle health.* 

We use the active form of Vitamin B12, methylcobalamin in what is the industry's highest potency at 99% purity. The formulation also includes 5-Methyltetrahydrofolate, which is the most biologically active form of the B-vitamin, folic acid. Also included is plant-based Vegan Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol) in a 2500 I.U. dosage.

Customer Reviews

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Great product.

I am very vitamin B deficient so my doctor recommended supplements as a more cost effective option to a regular shot. I am also vitamin D defficient so this combo is great. I've used this product for years and find keeping regular intake improves my energy levels, mental health, and I just generally don't feel as physically drained. Very glad to be able to order direct from the company. The only thing I wish is that the bottles could be a more sustainable material and/or could be returned for reuse!

Daily Vegan Vitamins

Helps maintain healthy B12 & D3 levels*

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Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin 98%), Plant-Based Vitamin D3 (Lichen), Vitamin B9 (5-methyltetrahydrofolate), Organic Alfalfa

How To Use

One Capsule Daily