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Elite Beet-420

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Unived’s Elite Beet-420 is a natural, water soluble, solvent free, beetroot extract standardized to 6.5% dietary nitrates, which as we understand is the highest concentration of beet-derived nitrates in the World at the moment.*

aIt is produced from non-GMO beets, using a aqueous extraction process, making it 100% solvent free, and with minimal oxalate content.

Each 7g individual sachet delivers 420mg pure dietary nitrates, which is equivalent to about 155g of raw beets.

Dietary Nitrates help with blood flow to the muscles while supporting oxygen uptake by the muscles, making them ideal for sports performance.* Elite Beet-420 is a standardized product developed to support endurance & performance and it provides a high concentration of natural dietary nitrates.*

420mg Pure Dietary Nitrates

Raw power!

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Beetroot (Beta vulgaris) Extract (Standardized to 6.5% Dietary Nitrates) 6.5g (of which 420mg pure dietary nitrates)

How To Use

As a dietary supplement, adults mix one sachet in 8oz (250ml) water, stir until dissolved. Consume 30-45min prior to your endurance activity.

For optimal results, we recommend consuming this in the morning before brushing your teeth. Brushing teeth, or using mouth wash, destroys oral bacteria prevalent in the mouth which play an essential role in nitric oxide production.