Nupur Singh

Nupur Singh

Ultra-Distance Trail Runners

Career Highlights

* Mount Yunam (Alt 6100m) (Alpine Style) – base to summit to base in 26hrs
* Friendship Peak (Alt 5250m) (Alpine Style) – base to summit to base in 33hrs
* Pin Parvati Pass Trek (Alpine Style) – 4days
* SRT Marathon 2018 25km – Winner (Women) Overall 4th
* The High 5’s 2017- 5 half marathons – Winner
* Pune to Goa Cycling in Monsoons July 2019 (Bike packing) – 850km|10000m gain – 11days
* Manali to Khardungla Cycling in Sept 2014

I was out of racing scene for the past couple of years, as I have been busy in organising mountain races and focused training was hard. But as a mountain lover, I have taken part in many mountain adventures.

Up Close, and Personal

In 2020, I am setting my sights on…


* 100km World Championship, Netherlands – Sub 9hr 30min
* UTMB OCC – Sub 8hr 30min & Gender Top 30
* ATM Races (Waiting for the calendar to be out)
* TMM – 03:25:00
* Malnad Ultra – 80km – Sub 9hrs


* Basic and Advance Skiing Course
* Getting selected for Winter Olympics 2022 – Nordic skiing
* Basic and Advance Mountaineering Course
* Few 6500m+ peaks


* 100km World Championship, Netherland
* Asia Trail Masters Races (Waiting for the calendar to be out)
* Comrades Marathon
* Boston Marathon
* Malnad Ultra 80km
* Vagamon 90km
* SRT Ultra