Unived Salt Capsule

  • Electrolyte Replacement
  • 213mg Sodium
  • 63mg Potassium
  • 358mg Chloride
  • 79mg Magnesium
  • 2.5mcg (100 I.U.) Vitamin D3
  • 100% Vegan & Caffeine-Free


  • 100
  • 30

Product Description


Electrolyte capsules replenish the loss of electrolytes through sweat and urine are inevitable during endurance activities lasting more than 3 hours, especially in hot/humid weather conditions. For such intense endeavors, like marathons, triathlons and ultras, ordinary sports drinks and water cannot compensate for the extensive electrolyte losses that your system will undergo. As part of your fueling strategy, Unived Salt Capsules effectively replace these losses in a proportional and balanced manner, without shocking your system with an excessive or imbalanced portfolio of electrolytes. Unived Salt Capsules complement your hydration source (water/ sports drink) perfectly in keeping hydration imbalances at bay. With the Unived Salt Capsules, you get a timely replenishment of electrolytes.

With sodium, potassium and magnesium, Unived Salt Capsules put your body on the right foot to fight dehydration, hyponatremia, muscle fatigue, cramps and weakness. Unived Salt tablets offer chloride and vitamin D3 along with all the essential electrolytes to ultra-athletes in one formulation. As a key electrolyte, chloride complements sodium to maintain adequate fluid uptake and body-water balance. Vitamin D3 minimizes the risk of injuries by optimizing bone health, and protects the immune system from becoming vulnerable post-exercise.

Unived Salt Capsules ensure that your system is instantaneously compensated for the loss of vital electrolytes, without experiencing spikes and drops in performance levels due to issues like muscle cramping, dehydration, stomach distress, and fatigue. They also shield your body against lasting physiological upheavals caused, by delivering adequate levels of nutrients that support a complete system recovery.


Sodium (213mg per capsule)

Each serving of Unived’s Salt Caps offers 213mg of sodium, the major electrolyte that is found in the extracellular fluid (the fluid outside of your cells). This electrolyte is essential to the transport of nutrients that are necessary for energy production in the cells[3]. Sodium also plays a part in facilitating muscle contraction and the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscle, making it one of the most essential electrolytes from a sports performance perspective.

Potassium (63mg per capsule)

Each capsule of Unived Salt Caps, replenishes you with 63mg of potassium. Potassium is an intracellular electrolyte (found inside the cells), and is stored in the muscles along with glycogen. It is also an important mediator of nerve impulses to the muscles. To power your endurance activity, your muscle glycogen is broken to release energy. As a result, you are rapidly losing the potassium present in your cells throughout the duration of your activity.

Chloride (358mg per capsule)

Unived Salt Caps – electrolyte replacement, offer chloride supplementation for endurance athletes, with 358mg of chloride per capsule.

Like sodium, chloride is an extracellular electrolyte found in the fluid environment outside cells. Chloride works in conjunction with sodium, to regulate body-water balance, and to ferry electrical impulses to muscles during your activity[2]. Complementary levels of chloride and sodium are essential to maintain beneficial hydration levels. If sodium losses are replaced without a corresponding rise in chloride levels, electrolyte levels can go haywire and have a domino effect on your overall hydration status[2].

Magnesium (79mg per capsule)

Unived Salt Caps provide your body with 79mg of magnesium, an indispensable part of any modern athlete’s fueling arsenal.

This electrolyte is the veritable powerhouse of your cells, with the largest concentrations of magnesium being found in the bones and muscles. What makes magnesium important from a sports performance perspective is its central role in energy production[5].


Vitamin D3 (2.5mcg (100 I.U.) per capsule)

Niggling injuries and chronic bone deficiencies are worryingly common among endurance athletes logging in high mileages – the key to eliminating these issues could be vitamin D3, an often overlooked nutrient in sports nutrition.

Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin associated with several important functions of the skeletomuscular, immune, heart, brain and dental systems. Vitamin D3 is naturally synthesized by the skin under sunlight, however, many are found to be vitamin D3 deficient due to insufficient timely exposure to sunlight.

Athletes, particularly endurance athletes, have greater vitamin D3 needs than the general population. Athletes undergoing a training regimen involving high mileage can be at the risk of compromised bone health and higher risk of injury. Scientific studies have established that vitamin D3 is a major factor in optimizing bone health in athletes, and preventing injuries by minimizing stress factors[6]. Vitamin D3 has also been found to be effective in regulating the electrolyte metabolism, and contributes towards attaining euhydration – a state where the body is in an optimal state of hydration during exercise.

Vitamin D3 is also an important factor in promoting protein synthesis after exercise, which assists in faster muscle recovery and rebuilding[7].


The intake of electrolytes depends a great deal on your sweat rate and the external weather conditions during your endurance activity. However, below is a general guideline to help you customize your electrolyte fueling plan with electrolyte salt capsules:

Light: very little sweat (think working out in an air conditioned gym)
Moderate: decent amount of sweat (think of the amount you sweat during a easy training run)
Heavy: you’re sweating! (during LSD training runs, faster runs, and races)


Unived Salt Caps Supplement FactsSAFETY

Unived Salt Caps strictly adhere to the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) guidelines, and do not contain any banned substances. However, please note that WADA does not offer any certification, or confirmation (written or otherwise) of the same.


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