Ultra Butter is food that is made with raw & wholesome nuts, dry-fruits, and coconut. The recipe for Ultra Butter has been designed to replicate the natural carbohydrate to fat to protein ratio that is found in nuts. This, is natures optimal ration to fuel endurance athletes who are on the road for the long haul, be it on an ultra-marathon, a long hike, a long ride, or any other adventure.


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When we are out in the mountains or on the road for beyond four hours, the body does tend to get hungry and we find ourselves in looking for something to eat. Often, this creates an argument in the mind, as while the body is hungry, the mind wants to avoid sitting & eating solid food – as that would take up time, energy, and one would find it difficult to move on quickly after a meal.

Moreover, solid food takes up more energy, and blood (therefore, oxygen), from the body for digestion than liquids. If you eat something solid, blood is called for in the stomach to aid digestion, and this rush of blood towards the stomach pulls away blood from your legs and muscles, and therefore the oxygen supply in those parts reduces, and hence you slow down and are not as fluid as you were earlier.

Liquids are easier to digest. Hence, Ultra Butter, which is blended into a liquid-ish consistency, gives you solid raw fuel, address your hunger pangs, and keeps you moving!

Ultra Butter provides slow-burning fuel for when you need a food based, consistent source of energy for the long haul.

Packed in a convenient pouch that is easy to carry, along with the ability to open, re-seal, and re-use, Ultra Butter is your ideal companion on the trails, mountains, roads, and even by the rivers!

Each packet has two servings, and will give you an ideal ratio of 50:27:17 of carbohydrate:fat:protein, similar to the ratio found in nuts & fruits like cashews, dates, and peanuts.

Here are some Smoothie Bowls featuring Ultra Butter, made by Unived Athletes Charlie McKee & Laura Kline.



Ultra Butter Smoothie bowl by Charli McKee



Ultra Butter Smoothie by Laura Kline




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