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Over long distances, your body tends to lose critical electrolytes and endurance ability. This can become manifest in symptoms like cramping, nausea and dehydration. Athletes often experience ‘hitting the wall’ at this stage – the feeling of having completely run out of the physical ability and the mental will to carry on.

RRUNN During kicks in at this stage to offset physical losses and supply you with additional energy – so can you stay on target and focus on the finish. RRUNN During is an isotonic sports drink, that keeps your hydration and fluid uptake levels optimal throughout the run.

Body salts such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, and chloride replace your electrolyte losses, support muscle protein synthesis, facilitate fluid uptake, and prevent muscle cramps.

Amino-acids such as L-Ananyl-L-Glutamine increase electrolyte and fluid uptake, maintain body strength, and dramatically reduce fatigue.

The key osmolyte maintains fluid balance and protects cells, proteins, and enzymes from environmental stresses like heat. It also releases energy and improves physical endurance.

RRUNN During corrects hydration imbalances

During intense exercise of any kind, your body undergoes tremendous physiological changes. External factors like the temperature and humidity impact your sweat rate, which in turn affects the fluid balance of your body.

When you lose fluid in the form of sweat, there is a change in the concentration of fluids inside and outside of cells. This can lead to a hypotonic state where cells are shrivelled up because of rapid loss of fluid and salt. If this concentration is not corrected, it can either result in dehydration due to insufficient levels of salt and water in the body.

On the other hand, drinking sports drinks that only contain electrolytes and no carbohydrates, or drinking excessive water can result in a hypertonic state, where cells become excessively engorged, and can burst due to abnormal levels of fluid. This can result in hyponatremia, which leads to stomach discomfort, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Isotonic refers to a state where the concentration of fluids within the cells and outside cells is the same, and there is normal transportation of nutrients between the cells and their environment. RRUNN During is an isotonic sports drink – when a sachet of RRUNN During is mixed in 16 fl oz of water and consumed, it restores the fluid balance of the body to an isotonic state. 16 fl oz of RRUNN During delivers 6-8 % of carbohydrates to the body, which is the prime concentration for the proper transport of water and salts inside and outside of cells. With RRUNN During, your hydration and fluid uptake levels optimal throughout the run.

Protection from environmental stress

Different races will put your through changing training and race condition, like varying temperatures and humidity. While you can’t control the temperatures you train in, you can take charge of priming your body to perform to its best potential – no matter what the weather is like outside.

The body’s cells are surrounded by a fluid environment. The chemical composition of this fluid environment is constantly changing in response to changes in the larger environment like external humidity and temperature. This fluid environment also contains enzymes which are central to key functions of the cells- like energy production to keep your endurance activity going. Under taxing temperature and humid conditions, changes in the immediate cell environment can have a huge impact on the absorption of nutrients and hydration by your body.

RRUNN During contains a key osmolyte which protect cells, proteins, and enzymes from environmental stresses like heat and humidity levels. With the consumption of RRUNN During throughout the duration of your activity, your body remains insulated to challenging weather conditions. The key osmolyte has also been clinically proven to possess ergogenic potential, which means that it releases energy during exercise.

Replacing sweat electrolyte losses

From a sports nutrition perspective, electrolytes are essential micronutrients that have significant impact on the fluid levels, energy production, and muscle performance. The major electrolytes – namely sodium, potassium, magnesium, and chloride- are the rapidly lost to sweat, and unless these losses are countered, you stand the risk of suffering from muscle cramps, diminished endurance ability, fatigue, nausea, and severe dehydration.

With each serving, RRUNN During actively replaces the electrolytes lost to sweat. Sodium and chloride ensure the absorption of adequate fluid and nutrients by the gut, prevent digestive distress, and improve fluid retention in the cells. Potassium works with sodium and chloride in maintaining body fluids. It also generates electrical impulses in the muscles – including lower body muscles and the heart – thus preventing cramping and weakness at critical junctures during your activity. for the times when you need to make the final push for the finish, RRUNN During also refuels you with magnesium which plays a major role in generating energy in the muscles.

Improving endurance with amino acids

Amino acids are the basic building blocks of the body, with a key role in building protein for the major tissues and muscles. Amino acids have always been important to sports nutrition because of their role in protein synthesis, however studies demonstrate that amino acids also have a key part to play in hydration support during intense exercise. RRUNN During supplements the body with the amino acids, L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine, which increase electrolyte and fluid uptake, maintain body strength, and dramatically reduce fatigue. Several studies on athletes have also revealed the potential of L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine in enhancing the immune response after endurance activities, and in the improving the quality of workout reps.

RRUNN During offers comprehensive hydration and endurance support in one drink, so you don’t have to rely on different foods to get you through your activity. It eliminates the risk of ‘hitting the wall’ or ‘bonking’ by constantly tending to your body’s hydration and endurance needs. In RRUNN During, you have hydration support that is free of unnecessary and junk ingredients, and is absolutely safe for your stomach.

RRUNN During refuels you on the go, and lets you dig deep into your endurance ability.

Who should use RRUNN During?

RRUNN During is suitable for athletes of all ages, and across all endurance sports such as running, cycling, football, cricket, hockey, swimming, as well as demanding competitions such as marathons, ultra-marathons, cycling, triathalons, and other activities that test your physical and mental strength.

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Suggested use

Take 1 serving (sachet) every hour minutes in 16 fl oz of water. You can consume 2 servings per hour depending on the intensity of your activity.


The RRUNN range adheres to the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) guidelines, and the products do not contain any banned substances. However, please note that WADA does not offer any certification or written confirmation of the same.

The RRUNN System

RRUNN During is part of the RRUNN system, along with RRUNN Pre – Instant and Sustained Energy and RRUNN Post – Complete System Recovery. The three formulations of RRUNN – PreDuring and Post – are each scientifically calibrated to supply carbohydrates, electrolytes, endurance, & recovery supplementation to address the physical, mental, and physiological requirements of an athlete during every stage of an endurance activity. You can also incorporate RRUNN Endurance Energy Gel and RRUNN Electrolyte Salt Caps into your regimen.

When performances peak, passions soar, recreational sports turn competitive, and athletes become professionals. With RRUNN, the wind is at your back.


What electrolytes does RRUNN During contain?

RRUNN During contains Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and Chloride. RRUNN During replenishes the major electrolytes you lose during your run, maintains the body’s fluid balance and prevents conditions like Hyponatremia which result from fluid imbalances.

Is RRUNN During isotonic?

Yes. The isotonic nature of RRUNN During ensures that fluids are maintained at optimal levels, and that you are replenished with the right concentration of electrolytes to balance losses during an endurance activity.

When do I consume RRUNN During?

1 sachet of RRUNN During should ideally be consumed for every hour during your activity. Each sachet needs to be mixed in 16 fl oz of water. You can pre-mix the entire quantity you need before your activity. Scoop, shake, fill up your favorite water bottle, and you are good to go!

Why do I need to consume RRUNN During every 20-30 minutes?

During a physically demanding activity, you are constantly losing electrolytes and endurance ability. Without constant replenishment, your body can get dehydrated, and become vulnerable to cramps, nausea and fatigue. You cannot go far on an empty fuel tank. Consuming RRUNN During every hour ensures that you are constantly rehydrated, replenished with electrolytes, and performing at peak capacity.

Can I mix RRUNN during in more or less than 16 fl oz of water?

RRUNN During is an isotonic sports drink, which means it has been precisely calibrated to supply you with the right concentration of electrolytes and fluid to keep you balanced. Mixing 1 sachet of RRUNN During in 16 fl oz of water is vital to maintaining its isotonic nature, so you get the full rehydration benefits.

Will RRUNN During give me Runner’s Diarrhoea?

No. In fact, the electrolytes, amino acids and the key osmolyte in RRUNN During regulate your body’s fluid balance to help prevent Runner’s Diarrhoea. Also, RRUNN During is gluten-free, which makes it easy on your stomach.

Can I incorporate RRUNN During into my training?

Yes! In fact, we recommend that you do, so your body can acclimatize to it and you get the best results from RRUNN During on race day.

Is RRUNN During suitable for vegans?

Yes. RRUNN During is suitable for vegans and it is certified vegan by the Vegan society, UK. We do not use animal ingredients and our products are not tested on animals.

How is RRUNN During different from other electrolyte sports drinks?

Most electrolyte sports drinks contain only electrolytes and carbohydrates. These sports drinks do not provide you with the critical hydration benefits and endurance support that you need to sustain your momentum during your activity.  In addition to supplying carbohydrates and electrolytes, RRUNN During contains a key osmolyte which protects your body from environmental stresses and keeps your fluids balanced. Key amino acids improve fluid uptake and physical endurance. Quite simply, RRUNN During is scientifically calibrated to support the specific needs of your body at this stage of your endurance activity – other sports drinks are not. Also, unlike other electrolyte sports drinks, RRUNN During is vegan and gluten-free.

Does RRUNN During contain any banned substances?

As the RRUNN range has been formulated in accordance with the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) guidelines, RRUNN During does not contain any banned substances. However, please note that WADA does not offer any certification or written confirmation of the same.


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