Unived Raw Fybur, Taste-Free, Sugar-Free, Fiber Supplement For Digestive Health, Natural And Vegan, 30 Servings Per Packet


Fybur Raw helps maintain a healthy digestive system. The prebiotic effects of Fybur Raw help strengthen & increase the good bacteria in your gut. Fybur Raw is flavorless, sugar-free, and dissolves completely. It’s 100% vegan and can be added to water, your favorite beverage or soft food. Each packet contains 30 servings.

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Soluble Fiber

The fiber in Raw Fybur is a prebiotic soluble fiber of natural origin (wheat dextrin), inducing prebiotic effects which have been demonstrated through different clinical studies. This type of fiber induces an increase of beneficial colonic (Lactobacilli, Bacteroides) flora, nourishing the good bacteria in the gut.

Taste-Free & Dissolves Fully

Our Raw Fybur is flavorless and dissolves completely in water and most food. It is also absolutely sugar-free, non-thickening, and grit-free. Raw Fybur is 100% soluble fiber and gluten-free.

Promotes Digestive Health

Raw Fybur is a great source of soluble fiber which acts as a ‘bulking agent’. It enables food to move faster in the intestines, relieving constipation, and improving stool movement and frequency of bowel movements.

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