Organic Multivitamin

Whole Food Plant Based Multivitamin made from an organic blend of fruits, vegetables & superfoods.

Vitamin A, Vitamin B-Complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2-7, Vitamin E, Biotin, and Minerals, all in one vegan capsule.

Natural vitamin sources also carry co-factors such as various enzymes, phytonutrients, and minerals, which aid in the absorption & utilization of the vitamins. Natural vitamins are highly bioavaliable and provide a longer half-life in the body.

Supports energy metabolism, reduces fatigue and improves overall wellness. Helps maintain healthy blood flow, cognitive & heart functions, promotes bone health & boosts immunity.

Suitable for men & women, two capsules a day, 60 vegan capsules per bottle, 1 month supply.


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Product Description


Unived’s Plant-Based Natural Whole Food Multivitamin is made with all natural ingredients, a multivitamin blend of organic fruits, vegetables, and superfoods, which give all of the B-vitamins as well as key minerals magnesium, zinc, and sodium, along with plant-based sources of Vitamin D3 (Vitashine, Cholecalciferol from Lichen) Vitamin K2-7 (MenaquinGold K2-7 as MK-7 from fermented Chickpeas), Vitamin A (as Beta-Carotene from Dunaliella salia), and Vitamin E (as α-tocopherol from Soya Oilseed), to make this a complete whole food multivitamin. We have also added Piper nigrum, as it plays a positive role in enhancing the bio-availability of the vitamins.

Our Natural Whole Food Multivitamin is suitable for both men & women. Our Plant-based Whole Food Multivitamin is not just for those who have a vitamin deficiency, it can and should be used by everyone, to ensure your body is receiving a wholesome and complete supply of all the essential vitamins.

Unived Vegan Plant Based Whold Food Multivitamins

Key Product Features

  • Plant Based Whole Food source of vitamins & minerals
  • Supports energy metabolism, reduces fatigue and improves overall wellness
  • Helps maintain healthy blood flow, cognitive & heart functions
  • Helps promote bone health & boosts immunity and may prevent the risk of health problems associated with vitamin deficiency
  • Organic vitamin sources offer Improved absorption, black pepper extract increase bio-availability
  • More bioavailable and bioactive vitamins which have a longer half-life in the body
  • Whole Food Multivitamins ensures natural co-factors are present which aid absorption & utilization
  • Vegan capsules made with Plant-based Whole Food Multivitamin Blend
  • 1 Month Supply – 60 Vegan Capsules
  • Special Box
  • COA
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