Full Length Compression

  • 3D DOTS technology offers multidirectional support to the achilles tendon, helps absorb arch vibration, and extends maximum grip for shoes.
  • UNIRIB™ progressive 20-30mmHg graduated compression helps increase circulation, which can help prevent shin splints, delayed onset muscle soreness, and common overuse injuries.
  • UNIMESH™ calf construction for structured breathability without losing compression, boosts the recovery process.


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Product Description


The Unived Race & Recovery R&R1 is a full length graduated compression sock – and is a versatile beast!!

What you get is graduated compression of 20-30mmHg to reduce impact related muscle fatigue, while also recruiting oxygen to the muscles enhancing performance and enabling recovery on the go, and reducing any impact related damage.

Strategically placed 3D dots under the foot absorb vibration and protect your feet from developing hot-spots due to abrasion from your shoes as well as ground related impact.

A well placed arch support band keeps your foot secure and gives you a confident and comfortable ride.

Use our Race & Recovery socks during your long runs & races, and also after your races to assist with recovery. You can use these on the road as well as the trail.

Unived Race & Recovery Full Length Compression SocksUnived Race & Recovery Full Length Compression Sock Size ChartUnived Race & Recovery Full Length Compression Socks Unique Features20-30mmHg Graduated Compression

  • Reduces impact related muscle fatigue
  • Recruits oxygen to the muscles, enhancing performance & enabling recovery
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Helps prevent shin splints

3D Dots Technology

  • 3D Dots under the foot create a pillow-case web, which absorbs impact and protects against hot-spots
  • 3D Dots on the achilles and back of the foot protect against shoe related abrasion, and help increase blood flow

UNIMESH™ Ventilation

  • Mesh structures strategically woven in the right areas to help with ventilation and ensure maximum airflow
  • Prevents overheating

Padded Heel & Toe Box

  • A reinforced heel box protects your heels with impact on each stride
  • A non-compressive toe box allows for maximum toe splay while also protecting your toes from impact on the road & trails

Boost Recovery

  • Use during your long runs and your road & trail races
  • Use after your long runs and races

Unived Race & Recovery Full Length Compression Socks BenefitsUnived Race & Recovery Full Length Compression Socks Vegan

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