Organic Biotin

  • Unique Organic Plant Based Biotin & Vitamin C blend delivering 5000mcg of Biotin
  • Natural source of sodium to enhance the utilization of Biotin & Vitamin C
  • Ideal for energy, amino acid metabolism, hair, skin, and nails
  • 1 month supply – 60 vegan capsules


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Product Description


Biotin is an important B-complex vitamin (vitamin B7). Its deficiency is very well recorded during pregnancy and associated with skin problems, brittle and weak hair & nails, problems in regulation of genes that are critical in the regulation of intermediary metabolism.

Unived’s Organic Whole Food Plant Based Biotin with Organic Vitamin C features our unique Organic BioC Blend, providing 5000mcg of Biotin 50% RDA of vitamin C. It also contains natural sodium which is essential for maximum absorption of the two nutrients.

Beneficial effects on hair, skin & nails is not the only function of biotin. It plays various roles in the human body, such as, it acts as a prosthetic group of carboxylase enzymes (basically activation of enzyme), pharmacological doses of biotin appear to affect carbohydrate metabolism. It also helps maintain triglyceride and VLDL levels and has a wide repertoire of effects on systemic processes such as development, immunity and metabolism. As serum biotin levels are low during pregnancy, there is increased requirement.


2 capsules = 1 serving

Adults take 2 capsules daily post breakfast for best results.


Unived’s Organic Whole Food Plant Biotin with vitamin C can be consumed with Unived’s Organic Whole Food Complete B-complex vitamins to improve overall effects of both supplements, as the 2 contain organic whole food natural ingredients and are water soluble vitamins thus are not likely to cause any harm.

As with any dietary supplement it is recommended to consult a physician before its consumption.


Biotin in general can be taken by anybody and everybody as it is a water soluble vitamin and cannot be produced or stored by the body. This increases chances of one being deficient in this B-complex vitamin & diminishes possibility of toxicity. Unived’s Organic Whole Food Plant Based Biotin also contains vitamin C which has various applications in life like collagen synthesis, protection of cells from free radicals, increasing iron absorption etc. Thus it is an ideal choice for people looking for just biotin to fight the varied problems of hair, skin, nails, metabolism, high TG and VLDL levels etc.


  • 5000mcg of natural biotin from organic sources with natural vitamin C.
  • Packed with sodium that enhances utilization of these two vitamins.
  • Made with natural ingredients and contains Organic Whole Foods
  • No harmful chemicals.
  • Helps in activation of enzymes that are involved in various metabolic pathways necessary for daily functions.
  • Helps maintain healthy lipid profile.
  • Helps diminish problems associated with biotin deficiency by maintaining healthy serum biotin levels.
  • May prevent hair loss, brittle nails and some skin problems that may be because of low biotin levels.
  • Suitable for adult men, women, and vegans.
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