We have been producing Colox since 2014, and over the years it has proven to work very well in cases of chronic pain as well as for athletes who are either prone to a lot of inflammation & injury or for those who are on a post injury rehab process.

Key Benefits

  • Blocks COX-2 & 5-LOX pathways, thereby addressing pain, inflammation and edema.
  • Helps reduce exercise induced inflammation
  • Helps with joint and muscular pain, and especially helpful during the recovery & rehab process post injury
  • Ideal for runners, cyclists, triathletes, hybrid athletes, and across other endurance sports.


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Serving Size

Three Capsules

Product Description


The art of healing comes from nature – not laboratories. This is especially true, when it comes to healing inflamed joints. Unived’s COLOX is a plant-based vegan supplement that helps in suppressing pain and inflammation caused by intense training sessions. It protects the body’s cells from damage that may be caused by free radicals that are generated during exercise. COLOX supports the strengthening of your muscles and cartilage, while blocking various pathways that lead to pain, inflammation and soreness. It also helps improve blood flow to joints; thus, reducing stiffness and improving flexibility.

Its adaptogenic plant-based extracts – Boswellia serrata, CurQfen® (Curcumin & Fenugreek complex), and KSM-66® (Ashwagandha), & Piperine (Black Pepper)  help the body cope with exercise induced stress and inflammation. Also included are plant-based vitamin D3 (Vitashine) and vitamin K2-7 (MenaquinGold) each ingredient being in its most bio-available form.

COLOX can be taken by people who train hard for long hours and are experiencing performance inhibiting pain and inflammation. It can also be consumed daily as a preventive, to combat various internal breakdowns caused by daily stress (training). Whether you’re a runner, cyclists, triathlete, or hybrid athlete, you can use COLOX during your training periods and after competitions/races, to combat inflammation and pain & aid recovery.


  • COLOX helps strengthen muscles, cartilages, repairs connective tissues, and rejuvenates cells & tissues.
  • COLOX poses a double blockade in the path of pain and inflammation by blocking COX-2 and 5-LOX pathways – inhibiting the production of prostaglandings & leukotrines.
  • COLOX helps reverse exercise-induced oxidative stress and muscle damage.
  • Its adaptogenic ingredients help your joints cope with the stress they undergo during intensive physical activity.
  • It helps improve blood flow to your joints, reduces stiffness, reinstating normal movement and flexibility.

Additional information

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Synergistic Ingredients

Standardised phytochemical extracts of the potent herbs of Boswellia serrata, CurQfen® (Curcumin & Fenugreek complex), and KSM-66® (Ashwagandha), & Piperine (Black Pepper), possess effective anti-inflammatory properties. They effectively prevent muscle damage, cartilage degradation; joint pain and inflammation while at the same time enable the overall health of joints thus inducing improved movement and flexibility. Along with plant-based vitamin D3 and vitamin K2-7 which are involved in strengthening the cartilage.

Boswellia serrata has traditional medicinal uses addressing a variety of medical conditions. It has been researched widely for its anti-inflammatory properties and is found to have a positive impact on inflamed joints.

Gum resin extracts of Bowellia serrata possesses good anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic and analgesic activities[1].
Unlike the NSAIDs which target the COX-1 and COX-2 enzymes, Boswellia serrata inhibits the activity of 5-LOX[1]. The latter is the first enzyme in the metabolic pathway responsible for facilitating the biosynthesis of inflammation[2].
Boswellia serrata can also prevent the degradation of articular cartilage, which can be significant in arresting the progression of osteoarthritis[3].
Comparative evidence of Boswellia serrata and a popular NSAID indicates that Boswellia serrata significantly reduces the degradation of glycosaominoglycans, whereas the drug causes a reduction in total tissue glycosaminoglycan content[4]. This is an important advantage over the NSAIDs which can cause a disruption of glycosaminoglycan synthesis accelerating the articular damage in arthritic conditions.
Boswellic acids also block the overproduction of cytokinetic activity in damaged tissues while enhancing the blood flow to your joints[5]. This combined action of Boswellia serrata eases stiff joints and increases joint mobility. Modern medicine and pharmacology strongly point out to its use as an antiarthritic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and hepatoprotective (protects the liver) agent[1].


The multiple applications of Curcuma longa make it a potent panacea and has been used as such in various Asian cultures. It is widely researched for its ability to treat and prevent diseases.

The curcumin we use is (CurQfen®) which is a GREEN non-nano formulation, manufactured via a water based process with no synthetic emulsifiers – based on a green delivery technique (FenuMATTM).

CurQfen® is a patented 100% natural formulation of curcumin for enhanced absorption and systemic bioavailability upon oral administration. CurQfen® is a unique combination of turmeric extract and debitterised fenugreek powder rich in soluble dietary fibre, formulated by a water-based process.

The conventional curcumin extract does not stay in the body in bioactive form, as it undergoes glucuronidation. It stays in the body for a very short period and thus has a very poor absorption. CurQfen® is better than conventional curcumin extract because of its unique 100% natural formulation and better bioavailability of bioactive free curcuminoids over the glucuronide metabolites of curcumin, which are shown to have relatively weak antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferative activates.

Various human studies administering CurQfen® have also demonstrated ‘free’ curcuminoids bioavailability (45.5-fold), pharmacokinetics, relative distribution of ‘free’ curcuminoids (>70%).

The volatile oils of Curcuma longa exhibit powerful anti-inflammatory effects[6]. Curcumin also exerts antioxidant, antiviral and antifungal actions[7].
Curcuma longa’s anti-inflammatory properties may also be attributed to its ability to inhibit pro-inflammatory arachidonic acid and neutrophil function during inflammatory states[8].
It lowers the production of inflammation-inducing histamine.
It increases and prolongs the action of the body’s natural anti-inflammatory adrenal hormone, cortisol, and also improves circulation, thereby flushing toxins out of small joints where cellular wastes and inflammatory compounds are frequently trapped[21].
Curcumin counteracts inflammation by blocking the activity of cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2)[2], an enzyme responsible for the synthesis of prostaglandins which play a key role in generation of inflammatory response.
Curcuma longa acts as an antioxidant, improves digestion, supports a healthy immune system, prevents tissue breakdown, and has anti-ageing properties.


KSM-66® Ashwagandha is a patented, full-spectrum root extract with the highest concentration available on the market today. It is extracted with a “Green-Chemistry” process, using no alcohol or any chemical solvent.

Clinically, it has been found that KSM-66® produces 98.9% reduction in post exercise build-up of serum creatine kinase levels indicating less degree of muscle damage. Thus, helping athletes recover after working out and during continuous activity repetition. Athletes have also observed increased cardiorespiratory endurance, improved max resistance load and muscle recovery, while also offering stress relief benefits.

42 patients with osteoarthritis were randomized to receive a formula containing Ashwagandha or placebo for three months. The herbal formula significantly reduced the severity of pain (p<0.001) and disability (p<0.05) scores[9].
Study suggests that a high-concentration full-spectrum Ashwagandha root extract safely and effectively improves an individual’s resistance towards stress and thereby improves self-assessed quality of life[23].
The serum cortisol levels were substantially reduced (P=0006) in the Ashwagandha group, relative to the placebo group[23].
A study demonstrated that Withania somnifera downregulate the expression of key genes (ALOX5AP, DPEP2, LTC4S) involved biosynthesis of leukotrienes A, B, C, D and E, resulting in inhibition of leukotriene signaling pathway[10].
All tested extract except the combination of Rhodiola with Withania (RR-WS) down regulated the expression of ALOX12 encoding arachidonate12-lipoxygenase[24].
Adaptogens modulated the expression of 14 genes encoding the proteins playing key roles in eicosanoids signaling and down regulated the expression of arachidonate 12-lipoxygenase, 12S type (ALOX12).
Soreness can inhibit full and proper exercise. Thus, a reduction in doms as a consequence of Ashwagandha’s effect on reduced muscle injury would counteract this negative consequence[11].

Vitamin K2-7 referred to as Menaquinone, and its main roles are to support calcium metabolism and prevent calcification of the arteries. Vitamin K2-7 is needed to activate bone proteins such as osteocalcin, essential to bind calcium effectively to the bone matrix, keeping bones dense and strong. Shortage in vitamin K2-7 means that proteins such as osteocalcin are not able to perform their function and the calcium is lost into the blood stream instead of being deposited onto the bones.

It was reported a vitamin K-mediated suppression of IL-6 release in LPS- challenged primary human fibroblast cell cultures[12].
Vitamin K has been found to have anti-inflammatory activity (eg: through its actions on only two of these, Protein Kinase Cα and Protein kinase Cε) in an increasing number of studies. This inhibitory activity would appear to be directed through inhibition of NF-κB signalling[26].
Vitamin K2 inhibited the viability of fibroblast-like synoviocytes (FLS) in a dose-dependent manner[13].
Vitamin K2 Has significant inhibitory effects on arthritis in vivo because it suppressed the initiation of arthritis in the CIA (collagen induced arthritis) model[27].

Vitamin D3 readily binds with vitamin D receptors and effectively enhances calcium absorption. Unived derives its vitamin D3 from lichen extracts –the only purely plant-based and vegan source of D3 or cholecalciferol, the biologically active form of vitamin D. Vitamin D plays an important role in an athlete’s health, training and performance.

Specifically, it is now recognized that vitamin D is imperative for bone health, immune function, and inflammatory modulation and it may even be necessary for optimal muscle function and performance1.
Several recent studies have provided evidence that sufficient vitamin D status is important for bone health and prevention of bone injury in active individuals1.
An exercise-interventional study has found that vitamin D sufficiency increases anti-inflammatory cytokine response to muscular injury[14].
Vitamin D supplementation retards the progression of effusion-synovitis[28].

Black Pepper Extract is standardised to have 20% piperine content. Piperine isolated from black pepper was shown to enhance the bioavailability. So, addition of black pepper at may enhance the bioavailability. Black pepper is also an important Ayurvedic herb with antioxidant, detoxification and anticancer potential as shown by published studies.

Joint pain management needs an integrative approach due to the complex anatomy involved in it. That is why Unived’s COLOX is integral to achieving and regaining joint health. Its synergistic action makes it a better and safer formulation for joint health. The overall mechanism of joint inflammation weighed against the applicability and effectiveness of COLOX makes it the preferred choice on many counts. COLOX has no known side-effects and can be used long-term.

Suggested Use

Adults take 3 capsules a day, post meals.

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