MCT Beet-216

Unived’s MCT Beet -216, is a unique, standardized blend, of MCT 70% with Beetroot extract (standardized to 6.5% dietary nitrates).

Each serving provides 4669mg pure MCT’s (70% C-8 & 30% C-10) and 216mg pure dietary nitrates.

MCT is a great CHO alternative, quick-release, energy source, that has gained a lot of popularity as an energetic substance for extended aerobic endurance exercises, especially more so when carbohydrate supply may be limited or unavailable.*

Dietary Nitrates help with blood flow to the muscles while supporting oxygen uptake by the muscles, making them ideal for sports performance.*


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Ingredients Per Serving

MCT (70%) 6.67g (Pure MCT 4669mg of which, C-8 3268mg & C-10 1401mg), Beetroot Extract (6.5% dietary nitrate) 3.33g (216mg pure dietary nitrates)

Serving Size

One Scoop

Product Description


MCTs are a type of healthy fat that contain 6-12 carbon atoms, which provide an instant source of energy as they are easily converted into ketones, an excellent mitochondrial fuel source.* MCTs are leading the way as a preferred source of energy production in the body, when compared to glucose, since ketones produce far less reactive oxygen species (ROS) when they are metabolized.*

Studies have detected an ergogenic effect of beetroot supplementation on exercise efforts with high oxidative energy metabolism demands.*

MCT Beet-216 combines a fuel source, MCT, with a source of dietary nitrates, Beetroot extract, to provide a combination of energy & endurance to the consumer.*

Additional information

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Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, adults mix one scoop in 8fl oz (250ml) water, stir until dissolved. You may use hot, cold, or room temperature water. The colder the water, the longer it will take to mix.

You may also add a scoop in your daily smoothie, juice, or other beverage of choice.

You may use this as a morning drink which can replace your cup of coffee, or as an afternoon pick-me-up.

You may use this as a pre-workout, and also as a snack.

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