Coffee for Athletes, 100% Arabica Coffee with Isomaltulose, Finely Ground Dark Roast


Unived Coffee for Athletes is a unique combination of 100% Arabica coffee and Isomaltulose to boost focus, concentration, and fat oxidation – leading to better athletic performance. Grown in the Chikmagalur region of South India, our coffee is a dark roast full city+ finely ground coffee, grown at 4000 ft. AMSL.

Isomaltulose is a complex carbohydrate that is clinically proven to enhance fat oxidation and ensure a balanced energy supply without peaks and drops in the blood glucose response curve.

Unived Coffee for Athletes makes a great morning cup of coffee, supplying you with a kick of caffeine as well as a slow-release carbohydrate to ensure you start strong and sustain long!

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Unived Coffee for Athletes makes a great morning cup of coffee, supplying you with a kick of caffeine while at the same time giving you some slow-release carbohydrates so that you start strong and sustain long!

Why Coffee for Athletes

Coffee’s performance enhancing effects are linked to caffeine, one of its main constituents. The European Food Safety Association has established that caffeine intake leads to increased endurance performance [1]. The boost in performance is more evident in endurance sports like running and cycling [2], as compared with high-intensity exercise. Caffeine not only increases blood flow to the heart and muscles, but research has also established a link to increased alertness and concentration and fat oxidation when consuming caffeine.

Focus & Concentration

In situations where athletes are undergoing exhaustive exercise that requires sustained focus, research has shown that caffeine can act to enhance alertness and vigilance. Due to caffeine’s lipid solubility it crosses the blood-brain barrier without difficulty making the central nervous system (CNS) as one of the primary sites of action [3,4]. Its antagonist action on adenosine during extended exhaustive exercise has demonstrated its effect on increasing alertness and cognitive function, while decreasing fatigue. Caffeine is an effective ergonomic aid for individuals undergoing endurance activities and extended periods of sleep deprivation benefiting athletes both physically and cognitively [5].

Fat Oxidation

Coffee and isomaltulose have a combined effect of decreasing reliance on glycogen utilization and increasing dependence on free fatty acid mobilization. As an endurance athlete your body not only relies on carbohydrates for its primary source of energy, but also fat. When consuming caffeine, studies have shown that fat oxidation significantly increases during exercise which results in increased work production. This suggests that caffeine allows athletes to increase work rate, as there is a greater ability to rely on fat metabolism, than simply relying on glucose, consequently improving sports performance [6-9]. Like coffee, isomaltulose also promotes fat oxidation, isomaltulose causes a very distinct absorption that leads to the release of glucose energy at exactly the level where it triggers an increased rate of fat metabolisation [10], with the potential spare of glycogen. Therefore, promoting fat burning by increasing the use of body fat and fatty acids as energy sources and burning fat in the flame of carbohydrates, which promotes endurance [10].

Unived Coffee for Athletes 100% Arabica Coffee

What is in Coffee for Athletes

We use a premium 100% Arabica dark roast full city+ finely ground coffee. It is single estate, shade grown, sun dried, and hand-picked at a generation-old family-owned estate. Our coffee is grown at grown at 4000 ft. AMSL in the Chikmagalur region of South India. The coffee has deep notes of sweet chocolate and caramel, certain to wake up your senses. Isomaltulose is a 32GI low-glycemic and functional carbohydrate that is fully digestible, yet has a slow release action which ensures a sustained and balanced energy supply up to 120 minutes. It is hydrolyzed and absorbed four to five times more slowly than sucrose, helping avoid “sugar rushes”. The 32GI carbohydrate also that ensures your body’s own carbohydrate stores don’t get used up too early, so you can tap into this precious energy source when you need it the most in the later stages of your endurance activity.

User Guide

Coffee for Athletes is recommended for endurance athletes that want to enhance their performance. The ergogenic effect that caffeine exerts can positively benefit endurance athletes by increasing alertness, concentration, and fat oxidation, but this is dependent on and not limited to, the condition of the athlete. Each pouch has 12 servings – 250g.

Suggested Use

We recommend consuming one serving of Coffee for Athletes, about 15 minutes prior to starting your endurance activity. Coffee for Athletes can also be consumed throughout the day.

Enjoy it in a cold brew or hot.

Note: There is no need to add milk or sugar.

Brewing Methods

Our Coffee for Athletes is fine ground making it best suitable for a moka pot, french press, percolator, or espresso shot.

Unived Coffee for Athletes Vegan Coffee


Coffee for Athletes strictly adheres to WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) guidelines, and does not contain any banned substances. However, please note that WADA does not offer any certification, or confirmation (written or otherwise) of the same.


Is Coffee for Athletes instant coffee?

No. Coffee for Athletes is not instant coffee. You will need to use a moka pot, percolator, or french press to make the coffee.

Can I use Coffee for Athletes with RRUNN Pre?

Yes, you can. You can opt to have your morning coffee 1-2 hrs before your endurance activity and then opt for consuming RRUNN Pre Energy Mix 15-20mins before your activity.

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