Vipul Kumar

Vipul Kumar


  • Current City:Uttam Nagar, New Delhi
  • Birthday:August 16
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Career Highlights

  • 3rd position in Dwarka Half Marathon 2018
  • Tuffman Gurugram Half Marathon 10k 2019 – 1st position
  • TCS World 10k 2019 – 4th position
  • IDBI Mumbai Half Marathon 21k 2019 – 3rd position
  • PSPB Half Marathon 21k 2019 – 7th position
  • Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 21k 2019 – 8th position

Up Close, and Personal

To me, sport is…


On a typical training day, I do

I do: 30km running

I eat: rice, roti, sabji

I wear: compression

I listen to: songs

I recover by: Unived Elite Recovery Mix

I cross-train by: yoga

My idea of an effective weight training session is…

a good long run.

The moment when I discovered my athletic potential was…

when I was young.

The three biggest lessons I have learnt so far in my athletic career is…

marathon running needs consistency,hard work,heart and mind.

Before a big race, I tell myself…

marathon running with heart and mind.

The toughest race of my life was…

Nashik Marathon.

The most memorable moment of my sporting career so far…

podium in millennium city marathon.

My training sanctuary is…

India gate.

My dream starting line..

gold medal for India in marathon running.

I nourish my soul with..

eating healthy.

In 2020, I am setting my sights on…

  • 2hours 25minutes in full marathon
  • 1hours 10minutes in half marathon
  • Tata Mumbai Marathon
  • IDBI New Delhi Marathon
  • TCS World 10k
  • IDBI Mumbai Half Marathon
  • Berlin Marathon
  • Airtel Delhi Half Marathon

Unived helps me by…

Unived Recovery Mix helps me to recover faster and effectively with the right amount of protein and carbs and I am using Unived Elite Gels during my long runs and marathons very effective source of instant energy.

I have chosen to associate with Unived because…

It has really helped in my marathon running. Right from the elite gels to elite recovery mix everything has worked really well.

My favourite Unived product is…

Elite Recovery Mix.