Trupti Nikale

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Trupti Nikale

Customer Happiness

Three years of sales and we finally had a few customers. We felt it was a good time to bring in someone who could address customer queries, and offer basic customer support.

During the interview process, we learned that Trupti had previously worked as a receptionist, but was home for the past year as she’d taken a break. Honestly, I was not very convinced. For some strange reason, thankfully, we gave her the position. She started out managing basic tickets. Over time, she increased her product knowledge and began supporting Monica with various CRM related activities.

She has had her fair share of challenges at Unived, it isn’t easy to integrate within our slightly off-beat and curiously strange team of misfits, but over the years she has learned to manage and brings a sense of balance in the area where it’s needed – customer care.

Trupti’s key strength is that she is patient. Although there are a few testing times when she reacts unfavourably, she is learning to respond, instead. She is mature, understanding, and begins each day with the mission of bringing a smile to your face.

My Story

I have been fortunate to have been born as Trupti Jaideo Nikale and trust me, every turn of my life has proved this statement to be TRUE. My parents have been working parents. We are three sisters and I being the youngest, was always pampered and loved a little more than my siblings. To be very honest, I was an average student during my academic years and an introvert as well. School and college life was very normal and I don’t really miss either of those days.

My parents have been extremely liberal and inspite of having three daughters, they always encouraged, motivated and allowed us to follow our dreams. They strongly believe that kids should follow their passion.

I have learnt classical dance and given stage performances for a couple of years. But then came a time where I had to sacrifice my carrier, as both my sisters got married, and the responsibility to look after my parents was on me. I tried to do a few different things during this time, but was unable to find stability in any of them. I needed something to help keep my life moving, and that’s when I decided to look for a job.

Yes, I started working at a very late stage of my life, and I have absolutely no regrets. I do believe that the right things happen with you at the right time and what goes around, does come around.

I am glad that I got an opportunity to be a part of the Unived family 6 years ago. You will agree with me that the working place becomes our second home as we spend most of our time here. Our colleagues and seniors form our second family. Each day I look forward to being in office and each day I try and give my best than the earlier day.

The entire team at Unived has made my journey thus far very memorable, and I’m looking forward to more experiences together in the years to come.

Trupti Nikale
Joined – 9th October, 2015