Mayuri Jikamde

Unived Mayuri, Accounts

Mayuri Jikamde

Accounts & Operations

We’d spent two years in development, and were finally ready to launch five products. We realised we’d need to start looking for people with some accounting background to look after invoicing & book-keeping.

Mayuri had some experience, but not too much, and that was perfect for us!. Mayuri made our first sales invoice – she hand wrote it on a triplet book, back then we’d tear one copy for the customer, and we’d keep two for our own records. Each invoice was stamped & signed, hey – we had the time!

Mayuri would go days and weeks without making any invoices. Our first month was under Rs. 10,000 in sales, and we were at that level for a while. One day, Mayuri came to me to voice her concerns over the lack of sales, all I could do in response was to humour her and ask her to be patient. Deep inside, though, I knew the odds were stacked heavily against us – three years into it, barely any sales, and Vegan products for a non-existent market. We were early.

Mayuri’s journey at Unived has not been plain sailing. She’s had to overcome certain internal team dynamics, she’s faced team support issues, she’s been under-appreciated by certain people, she’s had personal life problems – yet, today, she holds her position as a key member of the core team, has earned everyone’s respect, and is truly responsible for a lot more than what her title suggests.

Unived is very fortunate that she has been able to overcome everything that came her way, and has emerged as a confident, mature, and positive thinker. Mayuri’s a true asset to our team.

My Story

Since childhood I have been more attracted towards studies than social activities. My parents were quite strict, as was my upbringing. They wanted me to focus entirely on education.

Although my parents didn’t permit me to go out and socialise, I made many friends in school and I enjoyed my school life with them. When I entered college, I changed. My collage life was the complete opposite of school life, I didn’t make many friends and didn’t socialise much either.

My first job was in the Goregaon. I would travel daily from Nallasopara to Goregaon, a long way, just for a pay of Rs 1000 per month. I was eager to learn accounts in depth, so I decided to join a CA firm, but sadly I didn’t learn much there. Looking for a change, I got a job at MTNL on contract, I was learning but the pay was very low and I could not sustain it. Thereafter I got a job at a private company, I learned a lot from my boss, she improved my personal and professional skills and ability, she has played a a critical role in my journey and I credit my success to her.

Something was still amiss. I was unsettled, and was searching for something different. That’s when I got an opportunity at Unived, back in 2012. The first few months I worked purely for the salary. But as time went by, I started getting attached to the people, the culture, the work, and really began to believe in the vision.

Amit kept increasing my responsibility, and I kept wondering if I was capable of this larger role that I was being given. The challenge brought the best out of me.

In 2017, I faced a very difficult phase in my life. I went under depression. I tried to pull myself out multiple times, but I failed. I was put on medication. I would have episodes in office where my hands would tremble, my body would shiver, and I had to be taken to the hospital. I faced each day with fear, I was afraid to work, I was afraid to cook at home, I was afraid.

Amit and the entire team at Unived supported me a lot through this phase, they were always by my side, encouraging me to come out of it – and one day, I woke up and decided to bring change. I joined a gym, diverted my mind, and slowly pulled myself out, completely. Today, I am off medication, I am happy, I have boundless energy, and am eager and ready to support Unived.

Unived has given me a unique opportunity. It is my family. I am very happy and very grateful for everything and I’m looking forward to building this company together with everyone.

Mayuri Jikamde
Joined – 15th October, 2012.