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  • Unived OVEGHA D3 Kids, Vegan Algae Omega-3 DHA With Plant-Based Vitamin D3, 200mg DHA & 500 I.U. D3, Orange Flavor, Sugar-Free, 30 Servings


    Unived’s Ovegha D3 Kids is a 100% vegan DHA + D3 product for children. It offers 200mg of pure plant-based DHA & 500 I.U. of plant-based vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol),…

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  • Unived OVEGHA Kids, Vegan Algae Omega-3 Plant Based DHA, 200mg DHA Per Serving, Orange Flavour, Sugar-Free, 30 Servings


    Unived's Ovegha Kids offers 200mg of pure plant-based omega-3 DHA per serving, the ideal dosage for growing children ages 2 years and above. Omega-3 DHA is an essential nutrient for…

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