Ultra-Distance Trail Runners

Current Location: Chamonix, France


  • I run, race, and coach full-time. It’s my life.
  • I train, I teach, I practice, I learn.
  • I’m passionate about helping other athletes achieve their ultra dreams.

I’ve been running ultras for over 8 years. Over 40 in total. From my first ever race in Scotland (a flat 50K) I’ve developed into an accomplished endurance athlete. I’ve been racing ultras since 2011 and I’ve continued to improve my performances year on year. I’ve won many races, broken course records and raced against the very best ultra runners in the world. From Scotland’s West Highland Way race, to the desert heat of Javelina 100 in Arizona, 24-hour trail racing, Western States 100 and the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. I’ve run for my country, raced for GB and medalled both on the road and the trails.

Up Close, and Personal

On a typical training day,

I do: Running. A lot. Sometimes short and fast, other times just at a steady pace – taking in my surroundings.

I eat: Plants. A lot.

I wear: Shorts and Hats.

I listen to: Music that challenges and inspires.

I recover by: Eating and sleeping well.

I cross-train by: moving. As much as I can.

My idea of an effective training session is

to know what you’re hoping to achieve in that session, and committing to it, knowing that it will be difficult.

The moment when I discovered my athletic potential was

when I first started running ultras many years ago.

The three biggest lessons I have learnt so far in my athletic career

1. You can always learn more. 2. A race is never over until it’s over. 3. Recovery is essential – give back what you take out.

Before a big race, I tell myself

That it’s where I need to be.

The toughest race of my life was

They’re all tough! 2016 UTMB was up there though.

The most memorable moment of my sporting career so far

Breaking the West Highland Way record for the first time.

My training sanctuary is

Running trails and mountains. Scotland has some beautiful (and empty) mountains. And The USA has some incredible trails.

My dream starting line is

Western States 100. It’s much more understated than UTMB for example, but you can sense the history of the race and the drama that lies ahead.

I nourish my soul with

being outdoors. Camping, cooking, climbing, skiing – wherever there’s some sense of adventure.

RRUNN helps me by

providing a range of products that help me prepare for racing, for performing at races and for the on-going recovery throughout. Nutrition and hydration are key parts of any continuous training programme and as a plant-based athlete Unived delivers the very best natural, vegan performance products.

I have chosen to associate with Unived because…

I want to work with people who genuinely care. Not just about improving performances, but about becoming better people. I care about what I put into my body and my impact on this planet, so it’s incredibly important to me that I have a partner who will never compromise on the quality of their plant based products and will always be honest about what they do and why. We share a common passion – we’re inspired by nature.

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