Jeshurun Small

Unived Athlete Jeshurun Small

Jeshurun Small

Ultra-Distance Trail Runners

Career Highlights

PR: 3:17 Trail 50k

PR: 9:39 Trail 100k

Moab Trail Marathon USATF National Championship – 3rd

Nickname: Jesh “u” “run”

Up Close, and Personal…

To me, sport is…

A game that must be played.

On a typical training day,

I do: I normally run about an hour day with about an hour of weight lifting and often some skiing during the winter months. Mostly, I spend my time studying and doing research in the labs on campus. Most importantly, I spend my free time recovering to prepare for the next day of training.

I eat: I eat a balanced diet of carbs, protein, and fats.

I wear: At least socks …

I listen to: Hopsin, Griz, and Dirty Heads

I recover by: By going sledding and napping between runs.

I cross-train by: Skiing mountaineering, hiking in the mountains, and sledding.

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